Find the token before launch. Newer farms are building up hype by delaying launch of the token and doing social media posting so that there is a large amount of TVL pre launch

The strategy is to buy the token pre launch and dump it prior to launch

The coin will generally pump real hard day 3–5 days before launch and the price will jump around… around an hour prior to launch the token will go back to near ATH prior to launch. This is when you need to sell it.

If you dont sell it pre launch you will get rekt.

This of course depends on how well social media or other dynamics are going

Never lose out even with IL ??

IL protection pilot concept — i just read this and missed the deadline but it will be interesting to see how it goes in terms of ELK price. you are paid the extra tokens to make up for any IL incurred during your farming session but you have to hold for 42 days to minimise dumping of ELK token if you were thinking of cashing out early

this could be a game changer in the farm landscape to minimise dumping and to keep the farms going for longer

These days during the bear, I’ve been moreso helping behind the scenes for groups doing quick reviews rather than in depth analyses.

Came across ChromaWay and wanted to jot down some points


  • Blockchain integrated with existing database solutions

Advantages and primary use case

  • Other comapnies may write data to…

Looking at XYO Network. It is a company that already has sold a lot of their XY tracking devices and want to build a blockchain around it to prevent spoofing once and for all.

Why I passed the ICO

To use Proof of Origin/Location to build a network to locate any device in the world.

This abbreviated report was written for a private group.

What is it?

EverMarkets is a decentralized platform to trade equity, bond, and commodity futures using blockchain technology.

Based in USA Palo Alto
Ticker: EVR/EMX
ANN thread — July 28 2017 — Project launched just as bitcoin became popular. Project timelines and whitepaper were detailed…

The screenshot below was posted yesterday in a crypto group I am in. Binance has been under “maintenance” for the weekend and this person was able to exploit and gain approximately 30% more ETH when sending funds out of Binance.

Even though the amount was small and the loophole closed…

Tomocoin is another blockchain riding on the new wave of “Internet of Value” (see Seele) however unlike Seele, they are much further ahead in terms of roadmap by already having some working products from the system. Read ahead why I am bullish on Tomocoin…

Team and products

OhHeyMatty recently did an AMA with…

Another Chinese blockchain. It seems to be the hot thing right now. Let’s have a deeper look.

Is the project something viable? There were some concerns raised in their telegram and how the team responded

How many fancy words can you use to…

Blockchain notes by JT

I do crypto research for myself and for private groups. Will publish some detailed dives up on here

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